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House of Khoday

The House of Khodays is a multi-facilitate, engaged in distilling, engineering, malt sting, bottle manufacturing, construction, Reality Development, tissue culture, BioTechnology, jewellery crafting,

Shri Khoday Eshwarsa

Shri Khoday Lakshmansa

Shri Khoday Venkusa

In the beginning was silk. The manufacture of this soft fine yarn and fabric was established by Shri Khoday Eshwarsa long ago in 1906, long before India could take her place among the Industrialized countries of the world. His sons Shri Khoday Venkusa, Shri Khoday Lakshmansa and Shri Khoday Krishnasa, inherited not just his business but their father's dynamism as well and The House of Khodays began an exciting and inspiring journey that has made it now, one of the leading business houses in India. Today, the name of Khodays is associated with vision, dynamism and constant, tireless endeavour. It is a name borne proudly by a wide range of products from liquor to engineering, stationery to diamonds, tissue culture, construction and computer software.

It is a name that also brings to mind a quality of philanthropy that extends itself without fanfare into education and social welfare.

1906 was only the Beginning…

Not here but so much here the great founders…

Not here but so much here, those who began it all, the great founders, Shri Khoday Eshwarsa and his sons – Shri Khoday Venkusa and Shri Khoday Lakshmansa who expanded their business activities to create the Group's Distillery and Stationery Divisions.

…And today, the creators of excellence.